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  1. That opening sound with clock ticking brings me chill thinking about my childhood.

  2. What if Akira Toriyama spent his efforts to create a Chrono anime instead of Dragon Ball Super??…

  3. Oh my God. I was right in shipping crono and marle. IT ACTUALLY IS CANON.

    …I dont know if I shouldve admitted that..

    1. @TheGamer whosucks Also me: *Jumps off the roof and Kermit suicide*

      Sorry for what i said, but thats how internet works :/

    2. I hope someone dont make po## of that.

      If someone make that…….. Im going to have nightmares

  4. Esto sí que es Arte
    Me encanta este juego
    Mala suerte que nunca lo pude terminar

  5. What if this got remade in the same anime style but we got full voice acting from the DBS Funimation cast?

  6. Não é apenas um jogo, é uma lenda!

    Nesse vídeo é falado mais sobre como o trabalho em equipe foi abordoado nessa obra prima!

  7. This quality looks like it could have been from DBS, this Is from 1996 btw. Thats impressive

  8. This whole style looks just like dragon ball Zs aesthetic. Not just generic anime, but very very specifically DBZ.

    1. That’s because the artist behind DBZ was the one who did Chrono Trigger.

  9. Ill be honest, I really hate Dragon Balls design (and overall but thats not of importance here).
    If Chrono Trigger was made into 3D with the past design, aka, overly influenced by DB, I wouldnt have like it that much. Well, what I dont like much is how it looked back then (bad animated drawing, this old manga feeling, not that its bad, just wasnt my taste).
    CT being 2D made it so that it became one of my all time favorite rpg, without hesitation (along other pearl from Snes era, Terranigma, Bahamut Lagoon, etc.).
    People talking about remake didnt hype me much, until the last Dragon Quest got out. It what Id call the first DB-like product I ever honestly like, even for its design.
    If Chono Trigger had to have a proper remake, it would be using a DQ11-like engine. That brillant engine would be able to give a whole new life to a game like that.
    As for the music, well, these big rpg generally have really good music so Im not worrying about that point.
    Scenario wise, they could add a few stuff, like they did on the DS version, for the sake of adding stuff while at it.
    Gameplay wise, CT could use a lot of things from modern rpg but it should remain the same at its core.
    Welp, I know it has little to no chance of having a remake, but Im definitly put that game on my wish list about them.

  10. Chrono Trigger had the potential of being the spiritual successor of DB/DBZ
    Instead we got friggin DBGT and DBSuper

  11. Im wondering., Is this another version of dragonball.??? Can u please tell me.

    1. The game also made by Akira Toriyama, who is the one made dragon ball

  12. did anyone else notice that magus earrings suddenly disappeard?

  13. Can somebody please explain the child with the pendant that Lucca found?

    1. @CrystalLaser — No Commentary Gaming and More Thanks for answering!

    2. That baby with Schala’s Amulet was Kid from Chrono Cross. Without giving anything away, that scene and the scenes starting at 10:00 are a prelude to Chrono Cross. Let no one fool you if you research into this, Cross is very much tied to Trigger, despite what fans will say.

  14. Lo que daría por un remake de este juego con gráficos del dragón quest XI sería un orgasmo visual.

  15. If there is a game that needs to turn into an anime its chrono trigger

  16. Yelp the sound effects/artwork has Dragonball Z written all over it😁

  17. I dont know why but the monsters look really cute just like dragon quest another game that has db style

  18. I didnt know they had lipstick back in the cavepeople times
    I did know about the frog knights of the medieval age

  19. I mean for cry on sick the art director is the same guy who made dragon Ball

  20. I beat this on snes but not on ps1.
    This games amazing. I wish I could play this version. The main charachter reminds me of super saiyen gohan from cell saga. But with red hair, thats why I like this game because gohan is my fav dbz character. Also I hear akira toriyama drew the art and animation.

  21. The Lavos one sucks. Good, but rushed, and the remixes don’t stand out, especially the main theme.

  22. Best JRPG of all time? Probably. (Only other contenders are FF6, Xenoblade Chronicles and Pokémon [because it’s Pokémon])

  23. ドラクエも素晴らしいけど

    鳥山明 先生は日本の宝だなぁと







  24. am i the only one to think the blood on the sword at 13:36 makes this scene kind of creepy?

  25. I love how in the in game fmv everyone looks like dragon quest characters

  26. Ah! Back in the days this was my favorite game, the quest for Maguss castle was the one I enjoyed the most. Especially when Frog used the Masamune to open the hidden entrance to the castle.

  27. I love to see a real Chrono Trigger anime universe or even a crossover with Dragon Ball that be sick…

  28. I will never stop loving these cutscenes but when I see the cutscene of the gang finding a completely wrecked Robo and Lucca whips out that tiny ass screwdriver I cant resist going bitch what good is that gonna do

    1. My dude, this sounds and looks like DBZ because the artist of the series did Chrono Trigger. Do your research.

  29. 5:46 auuuhhh I always get tricked by thinking that is gonna start playing the Dragon Ball Z opening

  30. I just wish crono and everyone could get a true happily ever after. But chrono cross ruined that, huh.

    1. That is Kid from Chrono Cross wearing Schala’s Amulet.


  32. This is brilliant. I didnt play the ps version as much as the snes, but those remastered soundtracks are spine chilling!

    1. they’re on the DS version too, which is easily the best version of Trigger to date!

  33. So… Im guessing that the baby Luca picked up was Schala kid Zeal from crono cross? 🤔

  34. I swear… the day that I see dinos wear pants, Id probably wear a skirt.

    1. It looks like the fall of Guardia, which is explained in Chrono Cross. Dalton returns and raises an army in Porre with technology, which razes Guardia and destroys it.

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